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A great photographic resource for local butterfly species. The galleries are organized taxonomically.

Excellent site for dragonfly info and it's now been expanded with many photos. Also on this Odonate website there is a set of instructions on how to build your own dragonfly net! There is a pdf file to download or print. Check it out!



Welcome to the Pembroke Area Field Naturalists Club

Situated in the Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario, our organization is 25 years old. Formerly the Pembroke & Area Bird Club, we have documented 302 species of birds within our birding circle, being most of central Renfrew County, ON and western Pontiac County, QC.

Trees in Pembroke -an e-book that illustrates tree species that are
present in town. Robin Cunningham was commissioned to produce this by
the Communities in Bloom Committee of the City of Pembroke. Interested
people can use it, ideally in conjunction with a tree identification
book, to explore Pembroke’s environment and perhaps to help them choose
trees to plant on their own properties.

All the Swallow newsletters dating back to the first one in 1983 are now online! Check them out!

Rare Bird Sighting Contacts:
Ken Hooles

  The new Bird Lister's Corner for PAFN Club members has been updated. Congratulations to all of you who were able to increase their lists this past quarter. Send your lists in to Ken Hooles at  to be included in the next update!

  Cornell Feederwatch Cam-Ithaca NY 

Tufted Titmouse, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Carolina Wren, House Finch,

Cornell Feederwatch Cam-Manitouwadge ON
Pine Grosbeak, Evening Grosbeak, Gray Jay, Ruffed Grouse...

 Check out the Canadian Field Naturalist  

for help in identifying bird feathers check out the Feather Atlas.

 Check out the Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre.

Renfrew County Mapping is an interactive mapping tool that enables users to search for properties, find points of interest, locate street addresses, create maps and perform various other geographic searches in the County of Renfrew.

Crown land/Private land

Roads map

Top 10 Naturalist Destinations in Renfrew County, including species lists (compiled by Chris Michener):

Renfrew County Biotabase

The Renfrew County Biotabase is an online flora and fauna survey of Renfrew County. Please check out the Biotabase User Guide to see how you can get involved. Your surveys, sightings, and lists of species identified in Renfrew County will be valuable additions to our knowledge of the flora and fauna of Renfrew County.

Ongoing PAFN programs include:

 Gathering and providing data on winter bird populations and distribution to Bird Studies Canada by conducting two Christmas Bird Counts, in Pembroke and Eganville.


Gathering distribution and diversity data for butterfly studies by conducting two annual Butterfly Counts in Renfrew County.


Contributing odonata population and distribution data to the Toronto Entomologists Association by conducting an annual dragonfly count.


Conducting a winter waterfowl survey on the Ottawa River in conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Leading a variety of public field trips throughout the year to introduce and educate participants to the biodiversity of our region.


Hosting open meetings with educational presentations and guest speakers.


Participating in Renfrew County Natural History Day.


Setting up an information display at the Renfrew County Annual Outdoor Woodlot Conference.








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Annual Pembroke Area Christmas Bird Count

Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Coordinator: Christian Renault ( 613 717-3142

Description: our annual Christmas Bird Count is continuing a tradition for more than 3 decades in the area. There are 2 parts: field observers go to an assigned sector of our birding circle, and report all species and number of individuals.

Pembroke CBC (Sections)

Pembroke CBC (Google Earth)

 In the other part, feeder watchers record all species and maximum number of individuals seen at any one time, at feeders or in their yard.

The compilation is done at the end of the day: field observers meet at C. Renault's place at 5:30 pm, and the feeder watchers send their sightings to the sector coordinator. These results are then sent to Bird Studies Canada, who works in collaboration with Cornell University, and eventually publishes the results.

We need feeder watchers. If you have feeders in your yard and would like to participate, please send Christian Renault an email (

Happy sightings!


Chris Michener Memorial Eganville Christmas Bird Count

Date:  Sunday, December 17, 2017
Place: The 15 km Eganville bird circle includes Eganville, Augsburg, the village of Golden Lake, Green Lake, Lake Dore, Mink Lake and more. 
Eganville CBC Circle (sections)
Eganville CBC Circle (Google Earth)

Cost: Free
Feeder watchers count birds in their yards, while field participants drive, ski or walk a pre-designated area keeping track of mileage and numbers of birds observed.  

Participants are invited to meet for dinner and compile count results immediately after the count (arrive between 4:30 or 5:00 pm) . 

This year we’ll meet at the Golden Lake Hall located at the corner of Lake Dore Road and Highway 60. Parking is available by the post office. Golden Lake Hall is directly behind the post office.

Organizer: Jean Brereton 613-625-2263 OR Email:

Please contact Jean to confirm: 

1) your participation in the count 

2) whether you’ll attend the compilation dinner








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