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Bear Attacks in Canada, By Erin McCloskey. 224 pages. Lone Pine Publishing, List price: $18.95

Bear Attacks in Canada, By Erin McCloskey reviewed by Jeremy Inglis

A good entry level book on bear attacks from all three species of North American bears including detailed accounts of attacks as current as Fall 2007. The three attack types; defensive, offensive and predatory are thoroughly covered as are a persons response behaviour to those attacks. The author also covers bear biology and ecology giving the reader an understanding of black bear, grizzly bear and polar bear behaviour and what motivates them to sometimes come into conflict with humans.


A good section of the book is dedicated to bear prevention and deterrent techniques in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. From bear spray to whether or not to count on the family dog for bear protection is covered. An all-round good book for anyone who camps, hikes or otherwise enjoys the outdoors in bear country.


[editor: includes section on terminology, bear food plant index, bear populations estimates and references.]







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