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Ontario Mammals, by Tamara Eder, 2002,Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton AB,Canada


Review by * Nancy Hiscock


Generally speaking I found it to be a good reference guide, very "nature-friendly" so to speak. It not only contains identification guides, but material on life history and behavior, as well as overviews of habitat types, which I find quite interesting and helpful.


The "Introduction" section was quite informative, particularly the summarization of each region of Ontario (including human altered landscapes), "Seasonality" and "Watching Mammals" subsections. I like how this chapter helps pull things together, i.e., which species are found where and why.


The description for each mammal is very good, including the comparison to similar species; again, not too much information, but enough for a reasonable overview.

The drawings/photographs are also very good. I do find the range map illustrations confusing though. At first glance, the colours used are difficult to differentiate. Perhaps these could be clearer?


I find it easy to follow and very reader-friendly; it could easily be applied by adults and older children alike. (One question - on pg 14, is "paper birch" a common alternative for white birch? I guess I'm just not used to hearing the former term used very much.)

I like the colour-coding of the pages and certainly appreciate the quality of paper used for the book.


Overall, for the price, a nice little treasure!


*Nancy is an Ontario Living Legacy Resource Technician with the MNR, Pembroke District. Nancy prefers exploring wetlands on hot buggy days and always carries ‘extra’ cold juice and granola bars for the rest of the crew!







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