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Ontario Nature Guide by Krista Kagume. 224 pages. Lone Pine Publishing, List price: $19.95

Ontario Nature Guide by Krista Kagume reviewed by Lauren Trute

Ontario Nature Guide by Krista Kagume is a great introduction to all things furred, feathered, scaled, or rooted in Ontario.  This book provides an overview and introduction to mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, trees and plants, all neatly organized and colour-coded.


The illustrations are very well done, especially in the plant section.  Also included in the Glossary are line diagrams, labeling the features of plants, flowers, birds, insects and fish that are used when trying to identify species.  An excellent tool to refer to when the more complicated guides are asking you about “stepals” and “stigmas”…what???


The book describes a wide variety of species – from polar bears to badgers - and would be useful across the Province.  The “Where Found” section is a little misleading when it speaks to species occurring in specific areas, but the habitat descriptions as a whole are good.  I tried hard to over look the repeated misspelling of “Pembroke”!


I would definitely give this book to someone visiting or new to Ontario or just looking to learn a bit about the nature around them.  Another good addition to the Lone Pine series.


[editor: includes 242 species of animals, 140 species of plants; a full colour Quick Identification Guide; colour illustrations were hand-painted; index and references]







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