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 Species at Risk


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   Ontario Species at Risk  The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website for Species at Risk.

   Renfrew County Species at Risk  Compiled by Lauren Kruschenske 


   Bat Maternity Colony Surveys This campaign is to try to engage the public in citizen science by conducting bat roost surveys at sites across the province. Attached is the Ontario Bat Count Packet that can be sent to any individual or group that may be interested in participating. One important aspect of the campaign is to engage the public in reporting roost sites as there are currently only ~20 documented across the province. The purpose of the campaign is to engage the public in bat monitoring and to focus the monitoring on female survivors of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) and their reproductive success.This packet was adapted from similar programs in the US. The monitoring begins in June so it is just around the corner. The packet has monitoring dates specific for each region so it can be used province-wide.


























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