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Thayer's Gull, juvenile/1st winter, from video on November 19, 2004at Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.

Gull Identification Website. note other links for other gull websites from this page

Thayer's Gull   description chart and photos by Steve Hampton

Thayer's/Iceland Gull Taxonomy,a short discussion.

note the white background with grayish brown speckling on mantle, back and wing coverts. The tertials have a solid base with speckling on tip area. The primaries are the same grayish brown on the outer webs on the upper wing, while bleached white on the under wing. The tail band is bordered by a pale tip and inner speckling. The eye is surrounded with a dark smudge. The underparts are uniformly gray and the underwing has a 2-tone appearance.








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