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A Trip to Bellows Bay
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017.
Time: at 9 am.
Trip Leader: Christian Renault 613-717-3142.
Meet at the marina in Pembroke, at the mouth of the Muskrat River.

We will look for birds for a while at the marina, then travel towards Westmeath, with a brief stop at some flooded fields to look for aquatic birds. We will continue to a farm on Bellows Bay, to look and listen for songbirds, and scope for ducks.
Carpooling from the marina strongly suggested. Bring rubber boots for our muddiest outing. Walk in the farm is about 1.5 km total. Total duration is usually 2.5-3 hours. Spotting scopes are useful, binoculars essential.

Usual highlights: Sandhill Cranes, Sparrows, Mergansers, migratory Ducks, birds of prey. Possible: shorebirds, Rusty Blackbirds

Shaw Woods: Mother's Day Weekend Wildflowers and Nature Walk

When: TBA

Oak Ridge Forest Wildlife Reserve excursion

(This replaces the old Petawawa Crown Reserve Walk that was deemed unsuitable).

When: Saturday, May 13 at 9am. 

This outing is for club members or those who sign up at the event.  The reserve consists of a variety of trails through different topography and should be excellent for spring birds as well as possible wildlife.

Please meet Ken Hooles, Wayne Thompson and Rob Cunningham at the reserve.

To get there from Pembroke, take Highway 17 towards Chalk River.  Turn left on Main Street at lights, go to end of Main, turn right onto Wylie Road and follow it approximately 8 km to Kean Road and turn left onto Kean Road and follow to end of Kean Road to park.  For more information, please feel free to contact Ken Hooles at 613-735-4430

PAFN - Garage Sale - Fundraiser
When: TBA

30th Lake Dore Butterfly Count
When:  TBA

25th Hog Island Butterfly Count

When: TBA
21th Lake Dore Odonate (Dragonfly) Count
When: TBA

Marina/Waterfront Bird Walk

When:  TBA

Renfrew County Woodlot Conference ( Brochure )

Westmeath PWestmeathrovincial Park Beach Walk

When:  TBA

Birding Around Lake Doré

When: TBA

Chris Michener Memorial Eganville Christmas Bird Count