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Westmeath Park Outing

Date: Saturday, September 30th, 2017


Time: 8:30 am


Location: Westmeath Marina boat launch (from county Rd 12, turn left on Synton St, drive to the end)


Trip leaders: Christian Renault (613-717-3142) and Robin Cunningham.


Description : after having scanned the Ottawa river and the nearby vegetation for about an hour, we will drive to Sand Point Rd. From there, we will walk on the shore towards the Park, on the trail and in the small bushes, looking for migrants. We should be done by 12 noon, but you can participate in the first or second part if you wish.


Expected and hoped for species: Shorebirds, water birds; American Pipit, Nelson's and other Sparrows; raptors.


Rubber boots are recommended. Binoculars a must, scope and tripod useful. You may choose to bring a lunch.

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