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Lake Doré Birding

Date: Saturday, Oct. 28th at 9 AM

Location: Meet at the Melissa Bishop Park (Wilberforce Twp.).  From Pembroke (about 20 minutes): go south on Hwy 41; over the Snake River Bridge and make the next right.  The park is at the northeast corner of Lake Dore.

Trip Coordinator: Christian Renault (613-717-3142)

Description: We will start at the meeting point and scan Lake Doré.  We will drive around Lake Doré and stop at some historically successful spots for sightings. Binoculars are a must, a tripod and a scope are very useful.  Dress warmly, as we usually have windy and near 0°C conditions.  We are usually done by 12 noon, but feel free to leave when you want.

Expected and hoped for species: Grebes, various ducks, Mergansers, Gulls.  Some Passerines are observed as well, but the main focus is migratory birds on the lake.


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Seedy Sunday

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A Trip to Bellows Bay

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Shaw Woods: Mother's Day Wildflowers and Nature Walk

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Renfrew County Woodlot Conference ( Brochure )

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