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PAFN / Children's Garden Centre Garage Sale Fundraiser
Benita Richardson is hosting our annual Garage Sale on Saturday, June 10. It is at the Children’s Garden Nursery School, 375 Doran Street, Pembroke.

Items are needed for the sale and can be dropped off on the week of June 4.

30th Lake Dore Butterfly Count
When:  TBA

25th Hog Island Butterfly Count

When: TBA
21th Lake Dore Odonate (Dragonfly) Count
When: TBA

Marina/Waterfront Bird Walk

When:  TBA

Renfrew County Woodlot Conference ( Brochure )

Westmeath PWestmeathrovincial Park Beach Walk

When:  TBA

Birding Around Lake Doré

When: TBA

Chris Michener Memorial Eganville Christmas Bird Count


Annual Pembroke Christmas Bird Count

When: TBA